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6 Hour Insurance and Point Reduction Class
    New York State Law allows drivers to:

  - Reduce 4 points on driving record.

  - Save 10% on all your Vehicle Liability, P.I.P., and Collision Insurance Premiums for 3 years.

Upcoming Class Schedule

OCTOBER 03, 2019 & OCTOBER 10, 2019

6PM - 9PM each night

Held at the Mt. Sinai High School library

DECEMBER 05, 2019 & DECEMBER 12, 2019

6PM - 9PM each night

Please call our office at 631-744-5400 to register for a class.


How much does the course cost?  ​$40 cash.

Point Reduction

After I complete the course, how do I receive the point reduction?

The course sponsor automatically notifies the DMV that you have completed the course. A course completion notation is entered on your record in the DMV computer. Convictions and original points remain on record and are not deleted. When the course completion notation goes on your record, the computer subtracts up to four points when calculating your point total. The course completion notation and point reduction are listed on printed copies of your driving record, along with the original points and convictions.

The course completion notation usually appears on your record within 8 weeks after you complete the course. If you wish to verify that the course completion has been noted on your record, request a copy of your driving record from DMV 2 months or more after completing the course. Give your full name, date of birth, and motorist identification number as they appear on your license. Send this information and a check or money order for $10, payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, to:

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228

Insurance Reduction

After completing the course, how do I receive insurance reduction?

The course sponsor will mail you a completion certificate. Present it to your insurance company or agent for your liability, no-fault, and collision premium discounts. If you do not receive your certificate within 8 weeks of completing the course, contact the sponsor.

Will the course prevent my Insurance company from raising my premiums?

No. Insurance reduction does not prevent general premium increases or those increases due to violations or collisions. It provides a 10% reduction for 3 years to the base rate of your liability, no-fault, and collision premiums.

What if more than one person on my policy completes the course?

The reduction applies to vehicles principally operated by the motorist who completes the course. The discount may be applied only once for each covered vehicle.

Will assigned risks and youthful operators receive the discount?

Yes. Any insured person, who is a principle operator and completes a PIRP course, will receive the discount.

When does the Insurance discount begin?

As long as you turn in the completion certificate within 90 days, the discount begins on the completion date.

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