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Private Lessons

Licensed and Certified by NYS and DMV

Professional and patient instructors will take your through the steps to get your license.                        


                                                                 - Free pick up at your home, school or office.

                                                                  - Convenient scheduling.

                                                                  - 45 or 90 minute lessons.

                                                                  - Packages of 3, 5, 8 or 12 lessons.

                                                                  - Road test practice- learn to parallel park and 3 point turn.


Let us take you to your Road Test in one of our late model dual controlled cars.

1 (45 min) lesson...$60.00 with road test $140.00

    3 (45 min) lessons...$175.00 with road test $250.00

   5 (45 min) lessons...$290.00 with road test $365.00

  8 (45 min) lessons...$460.00 with road test $535.00

    12 (45 min) lessons...$680.00 with road test $755.00


Did You Know...

New York State laws states that individuals possessing a junior license are allowed to drive between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. ONLY:

-To and from work that involves employment on a regular scheduled basis. You must have Form MV-58 or a letter from your employer listing the employer's name, address, and phone number, as well as your job description, hours, location of employment, and the motorist identification number from your license. You may not drive during work (deliveries, etc.).

-To and from a state approved work study program, which is a BOCES work study program only and requires you to carry a Form MV-286 as proof of enrollment in the work study program.

-To and from a college or university course that is not part of your regular school day. You must carry the Form MV-286.1.

-To and from a state approved evening high school. You must carry Form MV-286.1.

-To and from a driver education course that is not part of your regular school day. You must carry Form MV-287. While engaged in farm employment, you must carry Form MV-286.1.1

Individuals with junior licenses are able to drive between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. ONLY:

-To and from a work study program, with Form MV-286. To and from a college or university course, with From MV-286.1. To and from a state approved evening high school, with Form MV-286.1.

-To and from a driver education course with Form MV-287. While engaged in farm employment with Form MV-286.1.

Common Misconceptions

The term to and from work means just that. It does not include driving to school or side trips of any kind. The fact that a student has an after school job does not allow him or her to drive to school and then from school to work.

A Junior License is a Class DJ held by a 16 year old or 17 year old who has not completed Driver Education. A regular operators license may be issued to a 17 year old who has completed Driver Education.

You must exchange your Junior License and the course of completion certificate (MV-285) "blue card" for a regular license (Class D). You are subject to Junior License restrictions until the exchange is actually made or until you are 18 years of age.


New York State's Graduated Licensing Law

-Becomes effective September 1, 2003

-Affects all junior drivers (16 and 17 year olds) and senior permit holders in New York State

-All learner permit holders, regardless of your age or when you received your learner permit:

-Your supervising driver must be at least 21 years old.

All junior learner permit and junior license holders, regardless of when you received your learner permit:

-No more than one passengers under the age of 21 are allowed in the vehicle unless they are members of your immediate family; this does not apply if the accompanying driver is your licensed parent, guardian, person "in loco parentis," driver education teacher or driving school instructor.

-All passengers must be properly belted or a proper child restraint seat.

-If you have a junior learner permit or a limited junior license, no passenger other than your supervising driver can sit in the front seat.

-Your permit or license will be suspended for 60 days if you are convicted pf any "serious" traffic violation (a violation of three points or more) or two "minor" traffic violations (a violation of two points or less). After your driving privileges have been reinstated repeat offenses (any "serious" or two "minor" violations) will result in a 60-day revocation.

All junior learner permit holders who receive a learner permit on or after September 1, 2003:

-You will need to present at your road test a completed Certification of 50 hours of Supervised Driving (DVM form MV-262), signed by your parent or guardian, certifying that you have had a minimum of 50 hours of practice driving experience under the direct supervision of an appropriate supervising driver. This applies to everyone under 18 years old. The 50 hours of Supervised Driving includes 15 hours of driving after sunset.

Note: Any time spent under suspension or revocation does not count toward the 6-month waiting period. Also, the "limited" junior license will automatically turn into a "full" junior license when the 6-month waiting period (combined junior learner permit time and limited junior license time) is over. DMV will automatically send a "full" use photo junior license.


http://www.dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv262.pdf AND FOR MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN VISIT NEW YORK'S DMV WEBSITE AT: http://www.dmv.ny.gov

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